Funding Water Meters

The SCRD Board is committed to completing the installation of water meters across the Sunshine Coast Regional Water Service area, as part of a 4-pronged approach to conserving, enhancing and protecting our regional water supply. The third and final Phase of that project involves installing them in the District of Sechelt and the shishalh Nation.

Water Meter installation

In line with its Fiscal Sustainability Policy, the Board has taken a long-term loan approach to funding the project, which requires elector approval through something called an Alternate Approval Process, or AAP.

This process should not be portrayed as a “referendum on water meters”. Meters are so integral to the Comprehensive Regional Water Plan that should the AAP fail, this Board (and in all likelihood a future Board), would almost certainly choose to proceed with the Phase 3 installation project. A different funding mechanism would be used, one that could have the impact of leaving less funds in reserves for future water projects. SCRD Staff have produced a Frequently Asked Questions resource to help Sunshine Coasters understand the project and the process: