Other Resources

SCRD Backgrounder YouTube. A great intro to what the Sunshine Coast Regional District does, and doesn’t do. Only 3 minutes long, fast-paced, and you’re bound to learn a few things!

A MENU of ways to receive information from, and give feedback to the SCRD. Newsletters, Feedback forms, Twitter feeds, phone numbers, Committee information, Facebook…its all here: http://www.scrd.ca/Stay-Connected

SCRD Committee and Board Meeting Agendas: http://www.scrd.ca/Agendas-2017

Emergency Preparedness Resources:   http://www.scrd.ca/Personal

A related YouTube Video about Emergency Preparedness on the Sunshine Coast : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PszF7mgpIx8

Wildfire-specific Information : This July 2017 SCRD Director’s Newsletter contains lots of resources with regards to Wildfire prevention, planning and information access:

July Summer 2017 Director’s Newsletter