Looking to inform yourself about Water?

Strongly held opinions abound on this topic.  It is important that the public inform themselves broadly from a variety of sources and perspectives. Public officials are held to a high standard of accountability for their words.

SCRD Resources:

Drawing from recent reports, SCRD Staff have produced a brief summary of the 4 Comprehensive Regional Water Plan Projects. The summary includes status updates, project scopes and estimated timelines:


Looking for FAQ’s with regards to the Chapman Expansion project in particular?



BC Parks Resources:

This update on the upcoming BC Parks’ second public engagement meeting around the proposed Amendments to Tetrahedron Park on Thursday, May 24 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Roberts Creek Community Hall.


This Parks Public Information Paper includes some key information to consider in advance about the proposed options and the context for the decision:



Meet an SCRD Director for a chat?

The session at the Hall is part of a BC Parks process, and an opportunity for the public to provide their input to Parks Staff. My understanding is that at the previous engagement session there were some questions that were best directed at the SCRD rather than Parks Staff.

Sunshine Coasters are welcome come and meet with me on this or any other topic most Saturday Mornings (except long weekends) at the Gumboot Cafe. On Thursday the 24th, prior to the event up at the Hall I will be on the back deck of the Gumboot Restaurant from 5-6:30. Come and join me for a beverage of choice and a chat. 

Other SCRD Directors are available via email or other means.

More of my views on our Water situation, including links to other source documents can be found further down this page.