About Mark

Mark Lebbell has lived in Roberts Creek since the turn of the century. He teaches Sustainability Education at Sea to Sky Outdoor School, plays music in several bands, and has always been active in the community. He sat on the Official Community Plan Committee for 8 years, and his advocacy work has largely been transportation and education related. He and his partner Kaia have two children at Roberts Creek School.

Mark’s priorities include the environment, constructive, respectful relations with First Nations, implementing the OCP, balancing the needs of Roberts Creek with those of the Region, engaging diverse populations, and fiscal responsibility. His goal is that by the end of his term, Roberts Creek will be a more resilient community, better able to deal proactively with the ecological, social and economic changes that are inevitable. His motivation for this work comes from a deep appreciation of what our home place offers its citizens, and a commitment to build on our diversity, creativity, and culture of service.

More information about Mark and his priorites, values and approach can be found on his 2014 election flyer: