2018 Local Governance Resources

As I mentioned in my January 2018 Directors’ Newsletter, I won’t be running for a second term in this year’s Local Government Elections. Are you curious about some of what being a Local Elected Official involves? Please note that the Provincial Government and SCRD sites and resources should be your prime source of legal information with regards to things like campaign financing, deadlines and the like, and I will try and post some of those towards the bottom of this page as they become available.

Having said that, you may want to start with a couple of down-to-earth posts from an Alberta Local Government veteran:



Here’s a great NEW (March 2018) resource page from the Provincial Government, full of videos, documents, and Elections BC Links for potential candidates.

And a quick flyer entitled  Thinking About Running Local Office? 

Here is an introductory Primer on BC Regional Districts in particular.

The Comox Valley Regional District has done a good job of laying out Electoral Area Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities. Some are specific to that particular area, but most apply in the SCRD context.

Brush up on what being a good Board member involves.  Here’s a resource from the non-profit sector in Newfoundland, but there are many others out there.

Attending some SCRD Meetings at Field Rd is a good idea. Meeting times can be found here  Agendas are usually posted on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Local Advisory Committee Meeting details, such as the Official Community Plan Committee or the Advisory Planning Commission can be found here:

You should be familiar with Roberts Creek’s Official Community Plan;

You can get up to speed on recent issues by reading through back copies of the SCRD Director’s Newsletter:

Elections BC has posted information on the October 20, 2018 Local Government election