Canada turns 15000…

Hands up to Nancy and John Denham, their facilitation team, First Nations Witnesses and the approximately 60 community members who attended the Blanket Exercise and Reconciliation Circle on June 24th.

Under the watchful eye of Dean Schutz’ beautiful mural of pre-contact Roberts Creek, participants were challenged more fully understand and process the historical impacts of colonialism. At a time when we are celebrating the birthday of our country, it was a valuable opportunity to build the recognition, respect and relationship that are part of the path towards reconciling our homes on unceeded territory.  Those wishing to stay abreast of  further work in this area can contact Nancy Denham at 740-6400.

Roberts Creek Blanket Exercise

shíshálh Nation Councillor Keith Julius shares a constructive message of resilience, hope and community with attendees

On July 4th, the Nation will be opening an exciting new exhibit at the Tems Swiya Museum next to Raven’s Cry Theater.  The exhibit shares the learnings from a recently discovered 4000 year old burial site of a shishálh chief and his family, and is mirrored by a similar exhibit at the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa.

Sat June 24 Blanket Circle Poster