Shoreline Development

Roberts Creekers of all ages strongly value the ecological and social benefits of foreshore, as evidenced by the Green Shores process the community undertook several years ago. This resulted in enhanced ocean setback provisions for Area D in zoning Bylaw 310. Having said that, the shoreline is a challenging blend of federal, provincial and local jurisdiction and sometimes involves eroded historical property survey lines as well as “natural boundaries” that reflect the dynamic nature of this interface area.

The impacts of Climate Change will figure heavily here in terms of sea level rise and storm severity. SCRD Development Permits (required along the shore) take into account Provincial guidelines with regard to these issues, and need to be signed off by a professional.

Green Shores image

The link below will access this and other related resources from the Stewardship Centre of BC

In addition to fulfilling legislative requirements, waterfront owners developing their property would also do well to measure their plans against those of their neighbours and discuss them to ensure that they reflect local aesthetic and environmental norms, as well as meeting the needs of the broader community who enjoy a good walk along the beach at any tide.

There is growing evidence to suggest that human efforts to hold back the tide bear reconsideration as to their long-term effectiveness.

The link below leads to some excellent resources from the Stewardship Centre of BC with regards to shoreline development practices that effectively protect property in an ecologically sensitive manner.