Infrastructure Committee Water Meeting Sept 3.

Because of the community interest in the issue of water. The SCRD provided a live broadcast of the Sept 3. Infrastructure Committee meeting on YouTube. The meeting is archived here:

This was an experiment with the technology, as the Board does not yet have the means to broadcast all meetings this way.

The recommendations of this Committee were endorsed by the Board at a regular Board meeting on Thursday, Sept 10. They involve moving forwards with deepening the access channel to reach more Chapman Lake water in times of drought. This will include environmental impact assessments, engineering study, budget proposals…all public. Longer term solutions include pursuing of alternate sources such as aquifers, and the exploring the building of an engineered storage lake.

Further recent resolutions with regards to water included a staff report on the potential for a cistern rebate program.

The metering program, an important keystone to conservation efforts, is planned for implementation in 2016/2017, through joint Federal, Provincial, and Regional District funding.

A further note that my views on water provision are laid out in the September Bootales Mailout, sent to all Roberts Creek households (who don’t have a “Junk Mail” embargo on their mailboxes) , and posted on this website under Bootales Archives in navigation menu on the left.