Water Update

As a follow up to my August Bootales newsletter mailout, here are some links. Other water news includes continued success in significantly reducing our residential consumption.  In addition, Staff have begun a “Reduce our Use” pledge program for commercial water users  who are actively shrinking their water footprint. You’ll likely begin to see posters popping up in windows of participating businesses.

Want to see how we’re doing on a daily basis? Check out this link:


The 3 Page July  Water Summary Staff Report mentioned in Bootales begins on Page 11 of this Board agenda package:

Click to access 2015-JUL-23%20BRD%20Agenda%20Package.pdf

Looking for more detail? Here’s a link to the SCRD’s 2012 25 year Comprehensive Regional Water Plan:


Update Aug 1…Good news! Just been announced that the SCRD will receive matching grants of up to $1,723,333 from both the Federal and Provincial governments to move ahead with residential water meter installation. The total estimated cost for this project is $5,170,000. Water meters are an important element of our demand management efforts down the road. See the link below for more details.