Kanada Day

This past month has brought about both the release of Justice Sinclair’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, and the challenging situation in Pender Harbour with regards to the Dock Management Plan. Most distressing to me personally has been a level of intolerance that some people have brought to the discussion…at public meetings, in print, online and elsewhere.

This would be a great time to show the shishalh Nation that they are not only a valued part of our cultural tapestry here on the coast, but that most Sunshine Coasters will engage with them respectfully and constructively when asked.
Such an opportunity presents itself in the invitation attached below. If you have yet to set foot in the shishalh longhouse for an event, you are in for a treat.

I don’t know if the symbolism of the date was intentional, but it sure strikes me as a great opportunity to show the original inhabitants of this place that our vision of Canada includes a willingness to do the hard work required to come to terms with our shared history and future.This is not about choosing sides. This is about engaging together in celebration when invited. There are many doing the work of reconciliation in our community. We are all better off in so many ways, the further we move down that path together.

So whether you head to Gibsons, Sechelt, or the beach on July 1, please consider ending the day this way. Note that pre-booking is appreciated.
A Night At the Longhouse – Shishalh Nation – Canada Day – Celebrating Community

2015-07-01 | Entrance Fee Detail: Your entrance fee of $10.00 will go 100% to the Elders for their Ambassador Gathering on July 6, 7, 8 & 9th in Saanich, BC. Any additional donations are gratefully accepted at the door. Doors open 6:45 PM

Facilitator: Candace Campo – Shishalh Nation Cultural Ambassador

We invite Friends and Vistors to take in the Canada Day and join us for a Sunshine Coast Community Celebration and evening of drumming, singing and dancing. Included will be traditional storytelling, bannock and tea. This event is open to all Sunshine Coast residents, friends and visitors.

Presentation Includes: Bannock and infused chilled teas by CasPier Catering. Drumming and Singing

Please BOOK ONLINE. The notice for this event can be found at:


Contact Candace Campo at info@talaysay.com or call 1-800-605-4643 for questions.

Candace Campo – Shishalh Nation Cultural Ambassador, Talaysay Tours & Aboriginal & Eco Tours