Goldmoss Gallery Re-Zoning Application Background and Link

Updated June 8th:

On May 28th, as noted below, the Board gave 2nd Reading to the Residential Art Gallery Zoning Bylaw Amendment. A that time, a further amendment was made that would have precluded live amplified music in the operation of the Art Gallery. Subsequent to that, the proponents have chosen not to proceed to Public Hearing (originally scheduled for June 17th) and to take time to consider their options. 

Original Post:

Our community has been having some important and rich discussions around art, zoning, festivals, home based businesses, parking, music and the like. I do appreciate all who have taken the time to share their perspectives with planning staff, the full Board, and myself as this process moves along. The following is a brief summary of what has transpired over the recent months and where we are heading next. At the bottom of this post is a link which will take you to the SCRD Planning Department Update Page.

After the public meeting in September, a summary was presented to the SCRD Board for their information; however due to the up-coming turn over as a result of the civic elections there was no decision made on the application. Internal review of the application continued and it became apparent the required upgrades to the existing gallery building due to building code considerations were proving to be too difficult. The building was constructed as a dwelling and did not have required safety features of a building meant for public assembly uses associated with an art gallery. The applicants took some time to consider their options and earlier this year submitted a revised proposal to construct an additional building on site, if approved this building could be constructed to hold the art gallery. The revised application was re-considered by the SCRD and key referral agencies such as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Each agency has indicated that it does not oppose the concept providing considerations such as access and septic treatment can be resolved. Please see the revised site plan by following the link below for information. The SCRD Board considered this application in February and at that time it was requested that the revised concept be forwarded to the Roberts Creek Advisory Planning Commission and the Roberts Creek Official Community Plan Commission for comment. Both of these groups are comprised of residents/property owners in Roberts Creek who volunteer their time to provide local input that both Planning staff and the Board use when considering development applications. Responses from these groups were finalized and presented to the Board in a May 14 Planning Committee Report.

At the May 28th Board Meeting, a further amendment with regards to live amplified music was passed by the Board.

A Public Hearing has been scheduled for June 17th, at 7PM at the RC Hall. At this formal Hearing anyone with an interest in this application will be afforded the opportunity to address the SCRD. Written submissions can also be made in advance. It will be well-adverised in the newspaper. Again, I encourage you to follow the green link below to a page on the SCRD website that will provide more information about the application, including background staff reports, the current proposed Residential Art Gallery Bylaw amendment, and a plain language “Frequently Asked Questions” page.  I might suggest Bookmarking the site as it will get updated over time: