Reviewing the approach to Resource Management in BC.

Roberts Creek and the Sunshine Coast have a long history of conflict with regards to resource use on our land base and in our marine environment.

The current “Professional Reliance” regulatory approach involves the Provincial Government setting the resource management objectives, and professionals, hired by the project proponents, deciding on how those objectives are going to be met. My experience has been that, at best, this situation leads to a lack of public trust in the process. At worst, the stories can begin with the fox and end up in the henhouse.

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The Province is currently seeking feedback about this regulatory approach, and the opportunity is open until January 19th. This is a good chance for citizens to give direct feedback and suggestions to the appropriate decision makers. More context and the survey itself are available here.

There is a website section where “Stakeholders” have their input to the Review posted.  The submissions of the Forest Practices Board, Dr. Briony Penn, and the Association of BC Forest Professionals, among others, make for interesting reading.

West Coast Environmental Law has also produced a backgrounder on the topic.  First Nations and professional organizations are being engaged, and a reporting out is slated for Spring 2018.