How do you like your newsletter?

Roberts Creek is a community that works hard to stay connected. For a number of years, along with the “Gumboot Connection” column, posters on bulletin boards, and our local newspaper, the Boot Tales Community Callendar and newsletter would provide a hard copy update as to Creek events, and include an SCRD update from the Director.


Clearly, we are in a new age of information. Boot Tales is no longer publishing, which means that costs of a hard copy Director’s mailout have increased, as have the time demands of online communication (like this news blog).

October’s newsletter went, as always, to the 1200 out of 1600 RC households that don’t have a  “junk mail” ban on their mailboxes, and was posted on the RCCA’s glass covered bulletin board beside the General Store. It was blue this month. In it, I have asked for feedback about how people like to receive their SCRD news, and I am doing the same here.

More and more is being recognized about the some of the negative impacts of an unbalanced approach to screen time, and I am not about to wrap up a local “institution” without hearing from folks. Suggestions of a hybrid approach have been made.  My experience with Facebook has been that  the “tyranny of the urgent” (a phrase I heard the other day) does not lend itself easily to the processes, pace and long view that public governance requires. I much prefer a good chat on a Saturday morning at the Gumboot Cafe.

Drop me a line at or via the contact link on this site with your thoughts if you feel strongly, and perhaps once you’ve had a look at the newsletter attached below, get outside for some fresh air and eye contact!