What will the May 19th “Community Dialogue” look like?!?!

On Thursday May 19th, from 6:45-8:30 or so at Roberts Creek Hall, with the support of Senior SCRD Staff, I will be hosting a “Community Dialogue” event. You might have seen an ad in the paper, a poster, a Facebook post, or caught mention in a newsletter.  This is the first time the SCRD is using this technique as part of a new approach to public engagement. Roberts Creek has a long history of public participation and I hope you can make it out. Here’s some of what you can expect:

6:45 Doors open, registration

7:00 Brief welcome and introductions to the SCRD context, Senior Staff, and their roles (this will help you know who to “go to” for what issue)

7:20 or so, Head to different dialogue tables, based on your interests, concerns or curiosity.

8:30 or so, Wrap up

      The objectives of the evening include…  providing an opportunity for the community to ask questions and clarify issues • expanding the base of community voices • sharing SCRD services, roles and responsibilities • identifying common issues • uncovering innovative ideas  • sustaining ongoing community discussion  • creating space for engagement not directly connected to imminent decisions  • being proactive in terms of two way communication • creating relationships within the community

Here are some regional services that might get touched on, depending on participants’ interests… Water • Chapman Expansion Project • Water Metering • Watershed Protection • Source Diversification • Transit Services • Bikeways/Walkways • SCRD Parks •Solid Waste Plan • Recycling • Organics • Recreation and Culture Services •  Fire Protection • Emergency Services • Community Development • Housing Issues • SCRD Advocacy • SCRD Public Participation and Engagement Models •  the SCRD Strategic Plan • 5 Year Integrated Work Plans • 2016 Budget…

     “Dialogue” is an unfolding process of transforming and deepening understanding of others and ourselves through listening, sharing and questioning. For many people it is a new experience to disagree with others but still to be heard and accepted. Dialogue is a process involving active listening as well as sharing and talking. It implies accepting and respecting the views of others and trying to understand where they are coming from. Dialogue deepens understanding of our own, and each others’ positions, often leading to shared understanding and an enhancement of our ability to make informed decisions.

If you’re reading this and you’re not from Roberts Creek, there will be a similar event in your area in the next few weeks…check the paper or SCRD website for location and timing. If you are from the Creek, remember you can also always catch me for some coffee-fueled Dialogue about any of the above Saturday mornings at the Gumboot.