Public Engagement Review

As I mentioned in Boot Tales this month  March 2016 Boot Tales Director’s News D2 , the SCRD is beginning to review its Public Engagement practice. Roberts Creek has a long history of involved citizenry, including 3500 hours of volunteer time contributed a few years ago to the updating of our Official Community Plan found here RCOCP.

Our standing OCP Committee is not a “creature” of the SCRD, is not within the scope of the Review, and will continue to be a valued sounding board for this Director. Elections for the committee are held annually in November. Our appointed Advisory Planning Commission is legislative in nature, and in early discussions Board members have indicated how strongly they value the contributions of each Area’s respective APC.

The current SCRD Chief Administrative Officer, Janette Loveys, has a strong background in this subject, and is beginning to challenge Staff and Board, to broaden their understanding and practice in this area. While at the Capital Regional District in Victoria, she was instrumental in developing the following document, which is an interesting piece of reading for those looking to learn more about the topic, and see the kind of direction the SCRD is heading.