Budget Process Shifted

This year’s SCRD Budget process will look somewhat different than in recent years. Instead of a 3 Round process, beginning in early January and ending in March, there will be 2 Rounds, the first on Feb 3rd,4th,5th, and 10th, followed by a second round on March 9th, and 10th. Regional Districts must adopt their Financial Plan Bylaws by March 31. The move was made to accommodate scheduling requests from the municipalities (Gibsons and Sechelt), and to ensure that all Board members would be able to be present through the entire process. With 50% of the Board being new, this also has the effect of leaving more opportunity for local, provincial-level,  and budget-specific Board orientation sessions in advance of the process. Budget Meetings are public, begin at 9 AM, and take place up at the Field Rd SCRD Offices. Check the SCRD website for Agendas and other opportunities for citizen engagement in the process. Updates will also be posted here.