Slow Down for Kids

At a recent SCRD Transportation Advisory Committee, the hard-working Sunshine Coast Speed Watch volunteers submitted their regular report, which also goes to RCMP Traffic Services and ICBC. This time around, the “stand out location for low compliance” was…you guessed it…right in front of Roberts Creek Elementary School 😦 

The 3 E’s of Engineering, Enforcement and Education are often cited around traffic safety issues.  The Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manage the roads in Rural Areas like Roberts Creek.  Their policy does not allow for engineered speed humps. In terms of enforcement, the RCMP and Speed Watch have had a significant presence there in the fall, given their limited resources. That leaves education. That’s what this is. Spread the word. Politely. The kids might be watching.

The SCRD Board has invited MOTI Lower Mainland Operations Manager Graham Schimpf to meet the Community Services Committee around the level of service to the Sunshine Coast. I will update this Blog when the timing is confirmed, but that committee usually meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30 PM.

We all know the benefits of a safe multi-modal transportation network. Our current roads are designed in a very car-centric manner, so its up to us drivers to make sure everyone feels safe and welcome out there. Let’s be extra careful over these dark winter months. Its great to see more and more pedestrians, cyclists and other road users doing their part by wearing bright reflective clothing, and using lights at night.